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  • “Body-Making: Nostalgia and the Image of Time” June 2017, (Un)imaginable Bodies, Ecole normale Supérieure, Paris.
  • “Atmospheres of Nostalgia: on Spatial-Temporal Vagueness,” April 2017, Antinomies of Vagueness, University of Copenhagen [Keynote lecture]

  • “Anxiety and the Breathing Body,” March 2017, Philosophy & Breath workshop, University of Bristol.

  • “Phenomenology of the Anxious Body,” presented January 2017 at New Directions in Phenomenology, UCD.



  • "Anxiety and Selfhood in David Lynch," December 2016, Film and Phenomenology Symposium, University of Groningen.

  • "An Introduction to Body Horror," November 2016, The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

  • “Until it Sleeps: On the Home at Night,” August 2016, Hollows Artspace, Brooklyn.

  • “The Dream of Anxiety in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive,” March 2016, Karl Jaspers Society of North America, APA.

  • “Can we speak of collective anxiety?,” February 2016, Intentionality and Normativity: International Workshop on Phenomenology, UCD, School of Philosophy.

  • “The Dream of Anxiety in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive,” February 2016, NUI Galway, Department of Philosophy.


  • "Pathologies of Space and Time in the Florida Landscape," November 2015, University of Florida, Department of Architecture.

  • "The Architecture of Anxiety," November 2015, University of Central Florida, Department of Philosophy.

  • "The Anxious Body," October 2015 at Florida Gulf Coast University, Department of Philosophy.

  • “Invited Speaker in Honor of 25 Years of Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology,” October 2015 at IAEP, Atlanta.

  • “The Aesthetics of Anxiety: a Phenomenological Perspective,” October 2015 at Precarious Aesthetics, UC Berkeley.

  • “A Sense of (Non)-Place: a Phenomenological Analysis,” September 2015 at the International Conference on Spatial Cognition,  Sapienza University, Rome.

  • “Phenomenological Dimensions of the Anxious Body: Trust and Form(lessness),” March 2015 at University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy.

  • “On ‘The Thing: a Phenomenology of Horror,’” March 2015 at DePaul University, Institute of Nature and Culture.

  • “Between Anxiety and Horror,” March 2015 at University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies.

  • “On Bachelard’s Topophobia,” February 2015 at Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Eichstätt, Philosophy Department.


  • “On Non-Phenomenology in Merleau-Ponty,” November 2014, Duquesne University, Simon Silverman Phenomenology Centre.

  • “Anxiety at the Limits of Phenomenology,” November 2014 at the University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy.

  • “Methodical Precedence of Intertwining,” August 2014 at Institute of Philosophy, The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

  • “Memory, Materiality, and Hauntings in The Shining,” June 2014 at Things to Remember: Materializing Memories in Art and Culture, Radboud University Nijmegen [Keynote lecture].

  • “The Horror of the Cosmos” and “The Horror of the Body,” March 2014 at The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, The Bucharest National University of Arts.

  • “Anxiety, Uncanny, and the Real,” February 2014 at Is there a phenomenology of unconsciousness?, UCD, Dublin.


  • “Alien Earth: Phenomenology and the Origins of Life,” December 2013 at DePaul University, Department of Philosophy.

  • “The Place of the Ghost: a Phenomenology of the Genius Loci,” December 2013 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • “I cannot know my own birth and death”: on the Phenomenology of Embodiment and Time,” November 2013 at Séminaire Le Plateau à l’œuvre, University of Grenoble 3.

  • “Heidegger and the Role of the Home in the Phenomenology of Agoraphobia,” April 2013 at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

  • “Anterior Origins: Merleau-Ponty and the Archaeology of the Body,” April 2013 at Materialities of Passing, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo.

  • “Another Earth: Alien Encounters in Husserl and Tarkovsky,” April 2013 at Image in Space: Cultural Functions of Art, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Czech Republic.

  • “Toward a Phenomenology of (Xeno)archaeology,” February 2013 at Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought, Inaugural Conference.

  • “Elemental Horror: Levinas and Unhuman Phenomenology,” February 2013 at UCD Philosophy Society, Dublin.


  • “The Body of the Other: Intercorporeality and the Phenomenology of Agoraphobia,” November 2012 at Life-World and Natural World: Husserl and Patocka, UCD, Dublin.

  • “On the Psychoanalysis of Ruins,” November 2012 at In Ruins conference, University of Manchester.


  • “Bodily Moods and Unhomely Environments: Toward a Hermeneutics of Agoraphobia,” September 2011 at International Congress Hermeneutics-Ethics-Education-Media, Poland.


  • “The Ghost in Me: a Phenomenology of the Doppelgänger,” June 2010 at Traces: Thinking Objects through Remains, University of London.

  • “The Texture of Death: Levinas and Monumentality,” February 2010 at Transcultural Memory, University of London.

  • “Architecture and Nostalgia in the Age of Ruin,” January 2010 at University of Bath, Architecture Department.


  • “The Strange and Weird: An Introduction to Phenomenology,” May 2009 at University of Sussex Undergraduate Philosophy Society.


  • “Toward a Phenomenology of Un-Place,” November 2007 at IAEP, Chicago.

  • “An Uncanny Place: Time and Memory in the Urban Ruin,” May 2007 at Anxious Landscapes at UCL Urban Workshop.

  • “(Un)building the Self: Place, Memory, and Nostalgia” presented May 2007 at the Philosophy Forum, University of Montana.

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